The Mt. Joseph Ranch provides majestic landscapes for your wedding. Whether you choose to have your wedding in a magnificent forest setting, the outdoor amphitheater, log mess hall, horse barn, in a grassy meadow or atop the moraine overlooking Wallowa Lake, the Ranch will provide the perfect setting for your wedding. The natural, serene setting of the guest ranch will create memories that will last a lifetime.
BARN -    Our recently restored barn can accommodate up to 175 people.  Electricity and potable water are available at the barn.  We installed reproduction lighting on the front of the barn and their is a chandelier in the barn. A small fire pit is just outside the barn and can be used to add ambience to your wedding or event. Just a short walk from the barn, along the creek, is a willow pasture that provides a beautiful setting for your event.
AMPHITHEATER -    The grassy, wood seating outdoor amphitheater can accommodate up to 150 people.
LODGE/MESS HALL – This facility can comfortably accommodate 40-45 people inside and 40-50 people on the outside decks. There is ambient lighting surrounding the Lodge/Mess Hall deck and a large fire pit sits directly in front of the Lodge's deck. This structure has full kitchen amenities and 2 half baths.
PIERRE' - An incredible 400-year old pine tree hovering far above the forest canopy, has been the setting for many, many events over the past years.  This beautiful tree was crowned the name "Pierre" over 55 years ago.  It is told that there used to be a small, wooden sign nailed to the tree.  The sign had broken so it simply read…Pierre'.  Many assumed that Pierre' was the name of an explorer or settler who had died and was laid to rest at the base of this amazing pine.  It was discovered however, that Pierre was not a man but rather, a beloved dog.  Pierre' has a light that shines toward the top of this amazing tree, creating a beautiful setting for an evening wedding.
We have 2 round tables, 12 rectangle tables, 50 white resin chairs, and 12 pine benches available for your use at any facility.
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